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As you are aware we have planned a tour of London for Fox and Otter Class.  The trip will cost £24.00 per child which includes train fare and a coach tour.  This is a voluntary contribution which you have agreed to pay when you consented to the proposed trip.  We will need a number of parent helpers, if you would like to come with us please indicate this on the consent slip.


We have set out below the final arrangements our London trip.  We will obviously try to stick to the train times but we will notify you, via Parentmail on the day, of any delays or changes.


08.45 and no later than 09.00


Children to be dropped off outside the Pavilions Leisure Centre in Horsham.


09.00 Children and accompanying staff will walk across to Horsham Station to catch the train to Victoria.


10.20 Arrival at Victoria Station and transfer to the coach outside.


10.30 to 15.20 Once on board, there will be a panoramic tour of the main London sights including Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, the London Eye, London Bridge, St Paul’s Cathedral and the Tower of London (from the outside). We will be accompanied by a professional tour guide who will provide a running commentary on the sights.


15.20 Coach drops our group back at Victoria Station to catch the 15.30 train back to Horsham.



As you can see, we shall be travelling to and from London by train.  We believe that this will make the day more varied and interesting for the children than spending the entire day on a coach to and from Warnham!  It will also make the journey faster.  Once in London, we shall have a coach and a tour guide to ourselves and they will design the trip around the children’s needs.


On the day, the children should wear normal school uniform and sensible footwear.  If rain is forecast, please ensure that your child has a waterproof coat. The children will need a packed lunch (no glass bottles please) which should be brought in a rucksack.  We would be grateful if you could also provide your child with two healthy snacks for the train journeys there and back, and plenty of drink including a bottle of water.  NB If your child normally has school meals, please ensure that you do not order one for that day.  The children should not bring any money with them as there will be no opportunity to spend it.


The children are permitted to bring cameras with them but we cannot take responsibility for these so this will be entirely at your own risk. Parents may prefer to send children with disposable cameras instead.  If you would prefer not to allow your child to bring a camera, please be assured that the staff will be taking plenty of group photographs throughout the day!


Yours sincerely


Mrs S. Kirby


Mrs S. Kirby





Sightseeing Tour of London – Thursday 9th May



Child’s name __________________________________ Class ___________________________________


□  I give permission for my child to attend the above trip on 9th May.


□  I am available to help


I have paid £24.00 voluntary contribution □ on-line / □ cash/cheque.




Signed _______________________________________________________________ (Parent/Guardian)