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Horsham Little Big Sing – Arunside

Every year our Year 2 children are entered into a school singing event called ‘Horsham Little Big Sing’. They have been practising the songs for this event over the last month. The children will be joined by 4 other schools and all of the children learn the same songs but also have one song which is unique to their school. The children have always enjoyed this event.

This year the event is being held at Arunside Primary School.  We will be travelling to Arunside by coach and would ask you to make a voluntary contribution of £5.50 for this journey by Monday 25th February.  If we do not have enough voluntary contributions to cover the cost of the coach travel, we will be unable to attend this event.  The event takes place during the school day in the morning of Tuesday 5th March, the children will leave at 9.15am and return at 12.00 in time for lunch.