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Year 6 Residential Trip – Osmington Bay

16th – 20th September 2019



We are pleased to confirm that the Year 6 trip will take place on week commencing Monday

16th September 2019 to the PGL site Osmington Bay and returning on Friday

20th September 2019, the cost of the trip is £386.00 per child.   The children will be travelling by coach to and from Osmington Bay.


We have set up a payment schedule on the Parentmail website for you to pay £110 for the initial non-refundable deposit to secure your child’s place, this will show the whole payment of £386.00 to pay.  You may pay in instalments of your choice, but please make sure that the full amount is paid by the final date shown on the payment schedule, at the end of this letter.


Please could you make sure that the board and lodging amount is paid by the end of January, this is the element which is chargeable to parents (see below).   New regulations require us to inform you that the remaining part of the cost of the trip is a voluntary contribution. We must point out, however, that if insufficient monies are received, the trip will not be viable.


If you are only able to pay the board and loading amount please make us aware on or before Friday 19th October in the strictest confidence.  We will then be able to assess if the residential trip is viable.


The cost of board and lodging will be £213.00 per child, which includes breakfast, packed lunch and dinner. If a family is in receipt of specific benefits which mean that your child is eligible for a free school meal, the school is obliged by law to waive the charges for board and lodging.  A list of the benefits applicable is contained in the school’s charging policy which, together with details of free school meal eligibility, is obtainable through the school website.  All other costs, including transport, will be £173.00 per child and parents are asked to make a voluntary contribution for this part. If you wish to speak to me in confidence about the cost of the trip, please do not hesitate to contact me to arrange an appointment.  We do not want any child to miss this trip, of a lifetime, due to money concerns, if we can avoid it.


The payment schedule will be as follows:


Payment Due Amount
To be paid by Friday

19th  October 2018

£110 Non-refundable
To be paid by Thursday

31st January 2018

To be paid by Thursday

31st March 2018

Total £386


To summarise, if parents are willing to pay the total amount, they should pay £110 (non-refundable deposit) by Friday 19th October  and a further £170 by Thursday 31st January  and then the final £106 to be paid by Thursday 31st  March (making a total of £386 altogether).


You can pay on-line for the PGL Residential Trip.  The above schedule shows the deadline for the money to be paid.  You may pay as much as you would like, but please make sure that the set amounts are paid by the due dates.


If you would like to learn more about the PGL residential trip please follow the links provided.






Yours sincerely


Mrs S. Kirby


Mrs S. Kirby