Warnham CE Primary School Newsletter
July 2018

Dear Parents and Carers

What a fun, action-packed and enormously successful year we have had at Warnham Primary!  It was a joy to read the Stars of the Week last week. Every teacher had nominated their whole class as their star of the week!
Teachers described their classes with such huge affection and overwhelming pride in expressing the rewards they had felt in teaching them this year.

School Life

It has been wonderful to see the children participate in so many aspects of school-life with courage, enthusiasm and perseverance. Children have excelled themselves in sport, drama, charity events and music to name a few. We are also enormously proud of the children’s academic achievements and progress.

Across the school, children are clearly making more progress and attaining higher than ever before and we are delighted with how they are exceeding national averages now too! I am sure that you would agree, that the children would not be benefiting from these hugely rich experiences and academic successes without the tireless dedication of their teachers and teaching assistants.

As well as our wonderful children, I am hugely proud of how our teaching team has embraced new challenges and remain utterly dedicated to creative teaching.

A Fantastic Summer Term!

This term has been incredibly busy and wonderfully active and creative. Thank you for all of your support with Commonwealth Week. The children thoroughly enjoyed this enrichment week and experienced languages, foods and so much learning about other countries and cultures.

A huge thank you for your donations and help during the International food tasting morning. Children tried foods from: South Africa, America, China, India, Greece, Italy, Spain, France, Norway, Sweden, Israel, Wales and Scotland!

Commonwealth Week was completed by a very hot but fantastic Sports Day! Well done to Mrs Storer who arranged challenging and competitive Sports Days where children could really showcase their learning in athletics. We all appreciated your incredibly positive feedback about the new style of Sports Day and plan to mirror this in future years.

Sporting Life

In addition to work in school, we have been trying to provide as many sporting an enrichment days outside of school as possible.

Children have done us all proud by the mature ways in which they represent Warnham primary and have achieved a wide variety of experiences and accolades as a result.

Providing children with these experiences is not without challenge – Mrs Lisney, Mrs Clifford, Mrs Bachelor and many parent volunteers have helped us enormously to ensure this kind of enrichment can take place.


For those of you able to attend, I am sure you would join me in saying what an ENORMOUS success our Key Stage 2 production of Aladdin was.

All children excelled themselves through music, dance, acting and back stage. The play was a joy to watch and the costumes were beautiful.

The production was clearly a whole-community effort, thank you.

All of the staff and I are very excited about the new academic year, new exciting topics, new children and lots of wonderful memories to be made. We will miss our current year six dearly but we are so proud of the independence and resilience they have developed – we are positive that they will continue to make us proud.

Until September, have a wonderful summer break!