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Wellbeing Week

As a school we like to look after the whole child not just their academic abilities. A child’s wellbeing greatly influences their ability to learn and socialise effectively, which is why it is so important that we can give them the knowledge, understanding and experiences to boost and enhance it. This includes educating children about healthy eating; personal hygiene; social, physical and mental health; and to enable the children to have strategies to help them in challenging situations.

Next week, commencing 3rd February, we will be holding our Wellbeing Week, where the focus will be on the three key aspects of positive wellbeing: healthy eating, and physical and mental health.

A number of workshops and activities will run throughout the week to increase the children’s learning, understanding and skills in these areas. These will include kickboxing; mindful stretching and relaxation; dance; healthy eating (delivered by Chartwells Food Ambassadors); a mental health promise for EY and KS1, and mental health promise with a focus on strategies for KS2 (delivered by the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust); and CPR and first aid for KS2 (delivered by Miss Hindle). Alongside these, the children will be preparing a healthy meal or snack in their classes and will also have the opportunity to create their own healthy meal or snack to go in our school cookbook, which will be available to purchase from the school at a later date.

Due to the number of physical activities going on, we invite all the children to come into school dressed in their P.E kit or sportswear all week. Please remember that they will be active in this week, so no jeans, skirts, dresses or shirts are to be worn.

We look forward to sharing how our week goes through Twitter feeds.

Thank you,

Mrs Manger, Miss Main and Mrs Chandler

Wellbeing Team